Canasia’s Scope

Injection: Canasia has installed multiple injection machines ranging from 400 – 1300 Ton.

Corrugators: Canasia has installed multiple corrugated pipe lines. We have years of experience in the corrugated pipe industry, and have specialized in this field prior to the birth of Canasia.

Solid Wall Pipe: We have installed multiple Solid Wall Pipe lines, and have specialized in Solid Wall Pipe prior to Canasia’s existence.

Pelletizing: Canasia has experience installing multiple pelletizing lines. We have installed twin screw, PVC, and PE pelletizers. With hot face cutting, and underwater cutting die heads.

Steel Reinforce Corrugated Pipe: Our team has installed, and commissioned SRCP lines. We are on the forefront of this new and exciting product, and look forward to the future of this industry.

Geotextile Production Lines: Canasia, as well as our sister company Randall MFG have sourced, installed, and commissioned our geotextile line. We now run production on this line, increasing our depth of knowledge in this industry.

Our Experience

As you can see from the scope of the projects we dedicate ourselves to, Canasia is not just another machinery supplier.

Canasia is a full service partner. We pride ourselves on our wide scope of products, and our depth of knowledge in the plastics machinery industry. We specialize in helping companies expand into new markets, and we provide the knowledge and experience to make our customers successful.

We assist our customers in all aspects of their projects, and make ourselves available to help in any way possible.

Case Projects

Working closely with our customer in Ireland, we were able to provide a complete turn-key solution. Canasia successfully commissioned our first dual wall corrugated pipe production line. Canasia took this job on with an eager company looking to break into the plastic pipe industry. Canasia trained our customers employee’s and taught them how to efficiently produce plastic pipe. Demonstrating Canasia’s true talent of taking companies that are new to the industry, and fast tracking them with our years of experience. Since our first corrugator we have supplied our customer with two injection machines, a pelletizing line, and an additional corrugator.

Taking on an internal project Canasia assisted Randall MFG with the sourcing, inspection, installation, commissioning, and production of Randall MFG’s new geotextile production line. The equipment arrived at our new facility in October, and by January we were in production. A very quick turn around for a project of this scale.

After our consultations, and assistance, our new customer in Georgia, USA was awaiting their Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe line. An exciting project for both companies. Within a short period of time Canasia had successfully installed, commissioned, and produced SRCP with our new customer. The customer, having no previous knowledge in plastic production, Canasia did what we do best and trained our customer on their new equipment.