About Us

Welcome, Canasia Plastics Machinery Ltd. (Canasia) is a new supplier of plastic machinery specializing in importing manufacturing equipment from China. Canasia is headquartered in Thorndale, Ontario, Canada.

Our equipment specialists offer over 30 years of experience in the plastics industry. We have developed business relationships with several leading machinery manufacturers in China. Canasia can provide project management, design assistance, technical support, equipment layout, installation assistance, and start-up commissioning.

We focus on importing plastics machinery to maximize your process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Our years of negotiations and building strong business relationships allow Canasia to pass the savings on to our customers.

Our Commitment

Canasia is a unique and proven company, we turn project ideas into successful realities.

Our promise starts from the very beginning with pre-sale consultations, we listen to your needs and present the best solution tailored to you. Canasia assists with all aspects; be it presenting the correct equipment for your needs, plant layout, machine utilities, scheduling, giving you a full turn-key solution. We inspect the manufacturing of all our equipment to insure that our standards of quality are met along every step of the way. Prior to shipping our equipment we do full production runs to ensure there is no compromise to functionality, performance, or product acceptance.

From there we move on to commissioning, Canasia provides capable technicians to assist with the set-up and commissioning of your equipment. Having experienced and knowledgeable technicians is vital to the success of a project.

Our technicians will assist, and train you during the early stages of production. Even if your company has no former plastics experience we make sure our customers are comfortable, and knowledgeable with their equipment.

Lastly, Canasia offers world class after sale support. We pride ourselves on the lasting business relationships we create and maintain.

Our Team

Randy Clarke

Randy Clarke, president of Canasia Plastics Machinery Ltd., has focused his career for 30 plus years in manufacturing plastics, specifically plastic drainage pipe.

Randy’s dedication to finding economical manufacturing equipment, has resulted in Randy developing strong relationships with plastic pipe manufacturers in China. The equipment manufacturers in China are excellent business partners, and their equipment can significantly reduce capital manufacturing costs, costing up to 50% less than similar competitive machinery.

Randy will source the correct granulator, extruder, perforator, winder etc. to meet and exceed your product requirements. The knowledge of manufacturing requirements.

Randy has imported, and installed several machines into North America.

John DeSumma

John DeSumma, Vice President of Canasia Plastics Machinery Ltd. is a results-oriented and professional leader with over two decades of challenging and progressive experience focused on operations, sales management and people development.

He excels at building teams that provoke change and implement innovative strategies that consistently exceed expectations. John demonstrates exceptional communication, organization, resource management, negotiation and problem solving skills.

Roger Albert

Roger Albert, General Manager of Canasia Plastics Machinery Ltd. is a results-oriented executive with extensive international experience and established track record for over 20 years, with an emphasis on business relationships, product development, global sales and plant operations.

Experienced in developing and implementing domestic and international sales and equipment strategies. Roger prides himself as a hands-on individual involved in all aspects within corporation and plant organizations. From business sales negotiations and contract completions, to mechanical plant installations and operations training. His focus is complete business solutions.

Ben Lai

Ben Lai, resides in Chengdu, China. After working with Randy Clarke and Ideal Pipe for over 6 years, Ben joined the Canasia team in the summer of 2012, in charge of all company issues in China. Ben has over 15 years of experience importing/ exporting plastic machinery and products from reputable manufacturers at competitive prices.

For 10 years Ben, worked as the International Sales Manager for a Taiwan plastic pipe extrusion line manufacturer, in mainland China.

Since 2006 Ben has represented Ideal Pipe in acquiring HDPE corrugated pipe lines, blow molders and molds, injection molders and molds, HDPE sheet extrusion lines, hard alloy perforators, geotextiles, etc.

With Ben’s years of experience in China’s plastic field, he has good business relationships with plastic equipment suppliers, selecting the best products for the best price.

Hayden Albert

Hayden is Canasia’s Sales and Support Manager and has now been in the industry for over 3 years. Hayden has a technical background in the automotive industry, and a professional background in sales, making Hayden a great fit for Canasia.